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Lol got it finished

2007-12-06 16:05:11 by xGate

Lol, finally got the song finished. School's a big pain right in the kisser, so I've been stressing over that. Ah well, all that matters now is that it's finished. xD

Be sure to tell me what you think about it, and I'll be sure to read all comments. xD


2007-11-08 16:15:24 by xGate

Yessiree...I'm coming along with my first song, but gosh, it gets do I say it...It doesn't seem like it holds strong against other songs on NG. I try to say to myself, "Hey, the people will like it. It's your first song, it's supposed to suck..." but that doesn't work well. xD

I'll get it finished soon. Don't worry lol...